Connecting an existing account to Google SSO

An existing student account which was originally set up using a Kidblog password, may be connected to Google single sign-on at anytime. 

Step by Step: Update Login Provider to Google SSO

1) Log in to the existing user account using email and password via


...or by selecting your user name and entering your password at your previous class login page.


2) Navigate to your profile page by clicking the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner and selecting "Profile". 


 3) Ensure the Google email address is on file and click "Manage Login Providers" under the Email Address field. 


4) Click "Connect" next to the Google option.


5) Log in to your Google account via the Google pop-up window.

6) You will be prompted to enter your current Kidblog password to complete the connection between Kidblog and Google.


7) Once you enter your Kidblog password, you will be connected to Google. Next to the Google icon in your profile, you will now see the option to "Disconnect", rather than "Connect".

For subsequent logins to your Kidblog account, click the "Log in with Google" button at



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