Teacher Premium membership

A Kidblog Teacher Premium account provides a platform to promote authentic writing in a safe publishing environment.  A Teacher Premium account enables the teacher to create an unlimited number of “classes” and enroll up to 200 students.

Purchasing your membership

 The annual membership rate is $54/year (which calculates to a monthly expense of $4.50). If you chose to subscribe monthly, the rate is $12/month. Due to processing costs, we only accept online credit card purchases for Teacher Premium memberships.

 You can purchase your Teacher Premium membership from your membership management page found in the drop-down menu by your avatar.

 If you are looking to purchase a membership using a purchase order or check, consider Admin Pro <link to Admin Pro membership page>.

 Canceling your membership

 To prevent an interruption in service for students, Kidblog memberships automatically renew two days prior to the end of their subscription term. Annual subscriptions renew every 12 months. We email the teacher account in advance to confirm that there will be an upcoming charge.

 You can cancel auto-renewal via your subscription management page:

Renewing your membership early

If you would like to renew your membership early, navigate to your membership page and click on "Manage Subscriptions." Renew will be an option. Renewals will be added onto your existing membership term. 

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