Guest role

Have you been invited to join a Kidblog class as a guest? You may be asking yourself, "What does this enable me to do?" or "How do I use this code?"

Guests are members of a Kidblog class and can view posts that are published for the audience "Guests and Connections" and "Public." If commenting has been enabled by the teacher, you may also add comments to posts. Guests can play an important role in providing feedback to students through the comments feature. 

Step by step: Joining a class as a guest

  1. Obtain a guest join code from the class teacher
  2. Navigate to the Kidblog class URL
  3. Click "join" and enter the join code provided by the teacher
  4. You will be directed to a Guest sign up page where you will create a Kidblog account
  5. Your "Dashboard" will open and will include a link to your class

Important items to note:

  • Student posts that are published exclusively to "Class Members" are not visible to guests.
  • Under your name in the upper right corner, you can access your profile page where you can create your display name and select an avatar.
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