Options for end-of-year transitions

Teachers have several options when transitioning classes at the end of the school year. Choose the one that matches your goals for past, current, and future students.

1) Archive your current class and create a new class for the new school year (Recommended process).

Archiving your former classes allows you to preserve a rich history of publishing activity from prior years. All content remains in place, but students can no longer add or edit posts within that class. You may restore a class to an “active” status at any time. To archive:

From the Dashboard, click “More”.


Then select "Archive"


When you’re ready to add next year’s class, click the “Create Class +” button. Using a name/URL like “Mrs. Wilson’s Class 2016-2017” helps chronologically organize multiple years.



2) Remove students from the class, but keep the posts/comments from last year’s students.

Some teachers prefer to have successive groups of students continue to add to content to the same class. Former students’ past posts can serve as exemplars and motivate new students creating their own blogs. You might also teach a multi-age or “looping” classroom where some students will continue to publish the in the same class the following year while some students move to other classes. To remove former students from your class while still keeping their rich post/comment history from previous years:

From your class Settings->Users page, check the box next to each student’s name you want to remove.


Click the “Manage” button to remove all selected students from the class. Remember, no posts or comments will be deleted.



3) Remove students and all posts from the class.

If you want to start fresh with new students but keep your original class URL and its connections, you can remove all content from your current class by following the simple steps below.

First, follow the steps above to remove students from your class. Next, posts within a class can be removed individually or in bulk.

To use the bulk editing feature, click the List icon at the top right of the Posts view.


Click the checkbox next to the posts or comments you wish to remove and click the bulk “Edit” button.


Check the box to “Remove posts from this class”. These posts and their comments will no longer appear in the class view, but will remain visible from students' portfolios.



Part of celebrating your students’ successes from the past year is preparing your Kidblog class for the new year. Under your guidance, students have created a body of work that is designed to follow them throughout their learning journey. Wrap up the year by ensuring your students can keep this momentum going!

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