Sharing your class with others

We provide several options for sharing your Kidblog class with family, friends, or worldwide. Click the megaphone icon on your main class page.


From there, you will be given the option to share via:

  • RSS Feed
  • Twitter
  • email
  • QR code


Important items to note:

  • Privacy settings for your students' posts will determine what posts are visible to those with whom you are sharing.


RSS feed

Others can track activity in your class using a Feed reader that shows recent blog activity. Your visitors can copy the RSS feed code generated by Kidblog and paste it into their feed reader. RSS feed readers will only read content that is published to "Public."


The Twitter option will direct you to your Twitter account, where you can post the tweet generated by Kidblog. The tweet includes your class name, your class URL and #comments4kids, a hashtag that has the potential to generate interests and comments. Twitter is also an excellent way to find other Kidblog classes to connect with as well. Consider adding the hashtag #Kidblogconnections (See Classroom Connections).


The e-mail option will open your email browser with your class URL automatically included in the body of your email.

QR code

The QR code option generates a QR code that can be saved and displayed or published for tablet or phone users to navigate to your class URL.

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