The Kidblog platform provides filtering tools to help you manage your class page:

  • Need to provide approval and feedback to your students? Filter by status.
  • Want to monitor posts and comments published to your wider audience through "Connections and Guests" and "Public?"  Filter by audience.
  • Want to view your class posts related to a specific project tied to a category you setup? Filter by category.

All posts can be filtered by: 

  • status
  • pending approval
  • author
  • category
  • audience
  • month


Kidblog's default class page provides status filters automatically.  You can easily search for a post based on its specific status by de-selecting the other two options. Here's the step-by-step.


To filter to show only posts with a common status (i.e. Draft), simply click the small 'x' on the statuses thereby deselecting the posts you wish to remove from your current class view. 


Once those status labels are removed, only the remaining posts will show on your class home page at that time.  



Pending approval

Content that needs your approval can be quickly found by clicking the orange "bubble" on the Post tab at the top of the list. This will automatically filter for published posts with a "pending" audience that the student has requested but still needs your approval. The approval process is described in more detail here.  



Posts may also be filtered by post author. To do so, simply select the author's name from the Members list. 



To filter the class homepage to show only posts under a specific category, select the desired category from the class sidebar.



Audience, month, etc.

You can also utilize filters by clicking on "Show filters" link and selecting the filter rules.


Please note, by refreshing the homepage, all filters will be removed and all posts within the class will be visible once again. 

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