Notifications for posts and comments

Stay on top of class activity by turning on email and in-app notifications. Simply click on the little bell by the "Settings" link on your class main page.

When post and/or comments notifications are turned on, students will be notified when classmates publish posts, as well as, when others are commenting on their published posts.

Teachers will receive notifications on new posts awaiting their approval and posts that have been published to the class. Additionally, you may opt in to receive notifications for new comments made on posts in the class. 

Step-by-step: setting up notifications

1. Click on the small bell icon under your class title.


2. Select posts, comments, or posts & comments. You will receive email notifications to the email under your account and in-app notifications at the small bell icon next to your Kidblog avatar.


**To turn off notifications in your class, follow this same process and select "None".

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