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Creating a post in Kidblog is easy. Kidblog provides you with many tools to publish your ideas through words, images, and multimedia (audio and video). Remember, writing is a process, and with Kidblog you can always return to your post and continue to make improvements.


1) Personalizing Your Post with a Header


Header images allow you to personalize each post. Kidblog provides a convenient media center with:

  • Headers & Avatars - Over 400 single-click images
  • Google Drive - Seamless integration for Google users
  • Take a Picture - Snap a picture with your personal learning device
  • My Computer - Upload images from your device
  • Link - Link to images on the Internet

Note: Header images are optional.


At the bottom of the post editor, you may personalize each post with your choice of colors, textures, and fonts.



2) Create through words and multimedia

The Kidblog content editor allows you to type and format text, add links, upload images, video, and audio files, integrate with Google Drive, and use HTML embed codes to include creations from other applications.



3) Add Tags & Categories

Make sure your audience finds your post by adding tags and categories. Tags are keywords that the author creates to help people find their content. Categories are defined by the teacher and selected from a drop down list.  Categories are a great way to organize classroom projects and subjects areas.


 4) Save and publish

You can always save a draft of your post even if you aren't finished. You have three options:

  • Draft: Need to save your work? Mark your post as draft. Drafts will appear with a yellow background on your class page. They are visible only by your teacher.
  • Review: Marking a post for review signals to your teacher that you are ready for them to review your post before publishing. They may provide feedback for revisions or they may choose to publish it to one of your class' audiences.
  • Publish: If your post is ready to be read by an audience beyond your teacher, select publish. If your teacher requires approval before final publishing, your post will be marked as pending. It will appear to you in the class blog with a yellow background. 


5) Choose Your Audience

For each post, Kidblog allows you to choose from a list of audiences setup by your teacher. Your post may be visible to:

  • Teacher: Your teacher may want to review your writing and give you feeback before publishing to a wider audience
  • Classmates: This is other students in your Kidblog class
  • Connections: Connections include people who your teacher has invited to view class posts. This may include parents, relatives, and other classrooms around the world.
  • Public: Posts marked for this audience is viewable by anyone with your class URL. 

Note: If one or more of these options is greyed-out, this means your teacher has not opened your class blog for publication to this audience.





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