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Kidblog automatically creates a portfolio for you the moment your account was created! Your portfolio is a collection of all your posts that you have created when using Kidblog. The portfolio maintains a history over years of all your published work in Kidblog. 

Anything you create and publish in your Kidblog class(es) will be automatically added to your portfolio. You can only add to your portfolio if you are a member of an active Kidblog class.

Your portfolio is always available to you even if your class is no longer using Kidblog. To access your portfolio, log into your Kidblog account and click on portfolio in the drop down menu next to your avatar.

You can personalize your portfolio by changing the theme to modify the overall appearance.

You can even curate your portfolio posts, choosing which posts you want visible to your guests. Here's how:

Step-by-step: Curating your portfolio posts

  1. Select list view from within your portfolioList_view.jpg
  2.  Select the posts that you want visible only to yourselfPortfolio_Visibility-1.jpg
  3. Click "Apply"


Most importantly, you have the ability to share your writing by inviting your parents or relatives to view your portfolio. Click on the "Invite Parent" button on your dashboard and then enter their email address. Your parent or guardian will be sent an email with directions for creating a Kdblog account that enables them to view your portfolio. 

Remember, this process only enables your parents to view your portfolio, not all your fellow students posts in your class.

Here is a short video to show you around your digital portfolio.

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