Student portfolios

Kidblog automatically sets up a portfolio for each student in your class. A student portfolio is a collection of posts that have been created by a student user within his/her Kidblog classes. The portfolio creates a rich history of past work published by a particular student across all classes and years. 

All posts created by an author, within a class, will be automatically stored in that student's portfolio. To edit and publish new content, the student must be a part of an active Kidblog membership.

Student portfolios travel with a student class-to-class and year-over-year. Students will always have access to view their past published content in their portfolio via their Kidblog login, even when the class subscription has ended. 

Students access their portfolio via their dashboard. Teachers access a student's portfolio from the class Users page (click the "Edit" link by a student's username, and scroll to the bottom of the editing box). 

Portfolios can be a valuable tool for informal assessment, measuring growth, or parent/student conferences. For more on Kidblog digital portfolios see 5 Reasons to Build Student Portfolios on Kidblog.


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