Add new students via join code

Students can join your class via your class URL and a student join code. They will setup their account using a display name, password, and email address (optional).

Note: If you intend to have students use their Google or Clever account to join Kidblog please see our Help Center articles on: Setting up students with Google or Clever SSO.


How to Video: Add new students via join code


Step by Step: Add new students via join code

For the teachers:

1) From your class Users page (Settings -> Users) click the blue Join-Code button in the upper right-hand corner.


2) Enable the student join-code.



3)Provide students with your class URL and the student join code

For your students:

1) Students sign up for Kidblog by clicking the blue "Join" button on your main class URL.


2) Students enter the student join-code you have enabled for that class. 


3) Students enter a display name, password, and (optional) email address. 


4) Once signed up for Kidblog, they will be re-directed to their Kidblog account dashboard. Your class will be accessible from their dashboard.


7.) Subsequent log ins can be made from (if students use email addresses) or from your class log in page. Watch our short video on student log in here. 

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