Adding Guests

Inviting guests to your class blog is a way to open your student writing to important readers such as other teachers, relatives, and even parents. Guests can view all posts published to "Guests and Connections" and Public. If given permission, guests can also post comments, which can be set for teacher approval.

How to Video: Adding a guest

Step by step: Adding a guest

  1. Navigate to your class Users page (Settings->Users) 
  2. Click the "Join Codes" button
  3. Enable the Guest join code
  4. Send guests the join code and your class URL
  5. Guests will sign up for an account and be added to your class

Important items to note:

  • Guests may see all posts published for "Connections". You may enable your students to publish for "Connections" from your class Privacy page. 

(See “Privacy Settings” for more info about publishing for various audiences) 

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