Invite/Add students

After you have created your class and set your privacy levels, you will add students to your class. There are multiple ways to add students, depending on your preferred student log in method. Decide how you want students to login and then follow the step-by-step directions below.

1. Invite students using join-codes: Your students will create their own account and join your class using join-codes if:

  • students use Clever single sign-on
  • students use Google single sign-on
  • students use Microsoft single sign-on
  • an existing Kidblog user is blogging in your class
  • students will create their own display name and password

2. Add students manually: Teacher enters display names and temporary passwords for students. Use manual entry if students are using Kidblog credentials to log in:

  • Enter students display names and temporary passwords individually
  • Bulk Upload a csv. file with your student display names and temporary passwords

3. Add existing Kidblog students

Below are short videos and step-by-step directions for each option.

1. Invite students using join-codes

Step-by-step: using join codes

  1. Enable the student join-code from your Kidblog class Users page
  2. Provide the code and your class URL (e.g. to your students
  3. Students click the "Join" button at your class URL
  4. After entering the join-code the students will be asked to "Sign Up"
  5. Once signed-up, students will be redirected to their dashboard, where they can access your class in the future.

Important items to note:

  • If students are using Google, Clever, or Microsoft, they need to select the "Sign Up with Google", "Sign up with Microsoft", or "Sign Up with Clever" button.
  • Students are not required to use an email address.

2. Add students manually

Step-by-step: manual set up

  1. Navigate to the user setting page for your class
  2. Click on the "Create student" button
  3. Add a display name and password for each student. 
  4. Teacher created passwords are temporary. Students can login with their temporary passwords initially but will be required to change their password before logging in again.

Important items to note:

  • Adding students manually is quick and easy.  You may use this method if your students are not using Google login and do not have an existing Kidblog account.  You will need to assign the students temporary passwords. 
  • Students can also be added in bulk, using a .csv file to upload student information
  • We recommend students using only their first name (and perhaps last initial) when setting up their user account.  This ensures a level of privacy, even when publishing posts and comments publicly. 


3. Adding existing Kidblog students

 Step-by-step (for students): adding existing Kidblog students

  1. Log in to your existing Kidblog class (at or through one of your existing Kidblog class URLs)
  2. Go to your new class URL (e.g.
  3. Click the "Join" button 
  4. Enter your class Join-Code
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