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Writing is meant to be read. And the creation and publishing of posts is at the heart of student expression, sharing, and learning.

The Kidblog platform focuses the light on each individual post. The student is encouraged to express themselves in words, images, video, and much more. Creating and publishing posts is simple, yet amazingly powerful. 


1) Personalizing Your Post



Header images allow students to personalize each post. Kidblog provides a convenient media center with:

  • Headers & Avatars - Over 400 single-click images
  • Google Drive - Seamless integration for Google users
  • Take a Picture - Snap a picture with your personal learning device
  • My Computer - Upload images from your device
  • Link - Link to images on the Internet

Note: Header images are optional.


At the bottom of the post editor, you may personalize each post with your choice of colors, textures, and fonts.



2) Creating through words and multimedia

The Kidblog content editor allows you to type and format text, add links, upload images, video, and audio files, integrate with Google Drive and use HTML embed codes to include creations from other applications.



3) Adding Tags & Categories

Make sure your audience finds your post by adding tags and categories. Tags are keywords that the author creates to help people find their content. Categories are defined by the teacher and selected from a drop down list.  Categories are a great way to organize classroom projects and subjects areas.



4) The Writing Process: Draft ➔ Review ➔ Publish


One of the first things we teach our students is the writing process. We have our students prewriting and creating rough drafts. We encourage peer review and provide our input as students revise and edit. Finally we help publish writing and share it with a larger audience.  It works. With Kidblog, students are able to save their work as drafts, send them for review, publish them for peer review, or publish them for a broader audience.  


5) Choosing Your Audience

For each post, Kidblog allows the author to choose from a list of audience types setup by the teacher in the Privacy Settings. Be assured that if the audience requires teacher approval, the post will not be seen until approved.



Looking for more assistance? Check out our video on creating a post! 


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