Set up your Kidblog class

Kidblog is designed to be safe and simple for students to use, while providing a full-featured dashboard for teachers. With this power and flexibility comes a certain amount of initial setup to make sure your student blogs are configured to meet your needs and align with your school's technology policies. 

We suggest teachers start with these two simple steps to get up and running: 

  1. Create a class
  2. Set privacy levels

1) Create a class 


Step-by-step: create a class

  1. From your dashboard click the "Create New Class+" button
  2. Navigate to your class settings and record your class URL to share with students

Important items to note:

  • Classes are created from the Dashboard (after verifying your email)
  • You may create as many classes as you need (e.g. for multiple sections)
  • Go to the Dashboard in the pull down menu under your name in the top-right corner
  • You may change the class name and description in Settings
  • After creating your class, make note of the Class URL as you and your students will use the Class URL to log in 


2) Set privacy levels


Step-by-step: set privacy levels

  1. Navigate to your class settings
  2. Select which audiences are available to students
  3. Select which audiences will require teacher approval before the post is visible for that audience

Important items to note:

  • Students have the ability to request a different audience for each published post
  • You can also allow audiences to comment on a post and require comment approval


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