Adding parents

Kidblog provides a Parent role that is tied directly to their child's student portfolio. The Parent role is independent of a specific class. This allows the parent to view all of their child's posts from multiple classes (including year-over-year). 

How to Video: Adding parents


Step by step: Adding parents

  1. Students invite their parents/guardians via their Kidblog Dashboard. Click the "Invite Parent" button
  2. Enter the parent’s email
  3. The parent will receive an email with instructions to connect with their child. 

Important items to note: 

  • Parents may see all of their child's posts but may not see those from other students - unless you invite them as a Guest.
  • Teachers invite Guests (who may be parents)
  • Guests may see posts published to "Connections", but not posts published to "Class Members"
  • Students invite Parents
  • Parents may see all posts of their child, but not of other students (unless also invited as a Guest in the class)

With the addition of the Connections audience and the student portfolio that travels with the student, Kidblog is more powerful and flexible than ever.  

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