Archiving and deleting

 Your students have worked hard on their blogs during the school year, so what should you, the teacher, do when it's time for a new batch of bloggers? Kidblog allows you to safely archive or delete any class, post, or comment. 

How to video: archiving and deleting a class 

Step-by-step: archiving a class

Archiving your former classes allows you to preserve a rich history of prior years. You may archive a class from the Dashboard of your account.

1. Click "More" on the class


 2. Select "Archive".Screen_Shot_2018-08-17_at_12.11.18_PM.png

Unlike delete, archive simply means you made this class a part of your history. The content all remains, but you can no longer add or edit within the class. You may also restore the class at any time. 

 Step-by-step: deleting a class

Once a class has been archived, you will be given the option to delete the class. Once the class has been deleted, you will no longer have access to this class content.

1. Archive your class

2. Click the "More" button

3. Select "Delete".


Step-by-step: removing posts & comments

Posts and comments within a class can be removed from the class by selecting the "Remove post" option. This process preserves the posts and comments in students' individual portfolios. This can be done by using the bulk editing feature available in List View. 

1. Click the list view icon at the top right.


2. Click the checkbox next to the posts or comments you wish to remove and click the blue "Edit" button.



3. Posts and comments will be removed entirely from the class when changing the status to "Trash"



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