Blogging Feedback as a Formula


"The more often you write, the better you will write. You’ve heard it before, and you’ll invariably hear it again.

As an avid writer, I wholeheartedly agree. As a teacher, these often-heard words of wisdom sound much easier in theory than they are in practice. You can have students journal daily, scribbling in handwriting that more closely resembles hieroglyphics than actual English, and they might build stamina as writers by the end of the school year.  However, without some sort of guidance in writing, the journal entries you get in September will often not be too far off from the writing you get in June. Guidance is what makes writing journals meaningful. Feedback is what students can take, process, and use to become better writers. The more feedback a student can get on a piece of writing, the more opportunities exist for editing, revision, and future growth..." Read more.

By: Tayler Urban

Published: December 16, 2016

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