Find Success Blogging with Young Students


"When introducing the idea of blogging I always begin with a familiar story.  This allows students to begin to make a connection between blogging and a loved story. To start, I show the title of the book and ask my students to look at the illustration.  We discuss the illustration and offer one way it represents what the story is about. We do the same for the title.  Then, as we begin to read the book, we take notice of items like words, colors, and pictures. We begin to understand that these are things we will need to include when we are blogging.  So, just like beginning readers and writers, we will create blog posts with a title and a photo.  As we grow as readers and writers, we will add more content in our blogs and out blogs will change over time..." Read more.

By: Sharon Davison

Published: March 31, 2016

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