My students are unable to log in with Clever


Your school uses Clever, and students are trying to log in, but users are receiving the following error message:

"No user matching this Clever account or rollout id"

No worries, this is an easy fix. First, some background on Clever and Kidblog:

Clever provides two layers of services, Clever "Instant Login" and "Sync".

Kidblog integrates seamlessly with Instant Login to allow users' to access Kidblog by connecting to their Clever accounts set up by the district. Students connect their accounts to Clever via their profile page and simply click "Log in with Clever" at the Kidblog login screen to log in.

"Sync" is a paid Clever service that provides additional roster and section information behind the scenes. Even if you have enabled it on your end, Clever does not provide us with access to this layer of data because it's not available for vendors via Instant Login alone.

To resolve the log in issue:

Teacher step:

1.) Set a temporary Kidblog password for students

a.) Navigate to the class Users page under Settings
b.) Click the "Edit" link next to the student's email
c.) Enter a Kidblog password into the password box and click "Save"


Student steps:

2.) Students will log in to their accounts by entering their email address and the password you set for them (Step 1) at They will not click the "Log in with Clever" button, but rather type the information in the appropriate boxes.

3.) Once logged in, students will go to their Profile page (via the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner) Click "Manage Login Providers" and click "Connect" to Clever. They will be redirected to Clever and asked to log in. 

4.) Students will be redirected to Kidblog and prompted to enter their previous Kidblog password to finalize the connection to Clever. It's the password that you set in Step 1.

From there, the next time students log in to their accounts they will click the "Log In with Clever" button to log in to their Kidblog accounts.

**To avoid this issue in the future, students should follow these steps to sign up with a Clever account in Kidblog. 

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