Why are my students being prompted to "Reset Password"?

Kidblog makes it easy for teachers to create student accounts, and also makes it easy for students to log into their classes. When teachers create student accounts, they often establish a basic or shared password that can be easily distributed and remembered by students. This is a great way to get students logged in for the first time. But these initial passwords present security concerns when users know (or can guess) other users' passwords. 

To help mitigate the possibility of a user logging into another person's account, we treat all passwords assigned by the teacher at account creation to be "temporary" passwords. This means students can log in with the original password, but must change it before proceeding, ensuring students have a chance to add an extra layer of security to their account.


Note that if a student is having login problems in general, a teacher can always assist them in setting a new password via the Users settings page for the class. If a teacher updates a student password via their profile page, the student will be able to keep that password (i.e. they won't be prompted to reset it). We only prompt for reset if the password hasn't been updated since the teacher created the student account.

If using specific district-assigned passwords is desired, we recommend using Google or Clever log in. We also  offer rostering assistance for Admin Pro members to customize your roll-out.

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