Create an Account and Log In with Google

Google Apps for Education accounts are becoming an important part of the technology ecosystem in many schools. Kidblog is pleased to offer teachers and students the ability to use Google Apps accounts to log into Kidblog. Using a Google account prevents the need to remember an additional password. If you don't have a Google account, students can join a Kidblog class with no email address required. 

Students will follow the steps below to connect Kidblog to their Google account:

1.) Click the 'Join' button on teacher's main class URL

2.) Enter the student join-code and click 'Join' 

3.) You will be prompted to sign up. Click the 'Sign up with Google' 

4.) A pop-up box will appear and you will be prompted to log in to your Google accounts. This will connect your Google account to your Kidblog account.

5.) If you're joining more than one class, don't create another account. Just add another class by clicking the "Enter a Join-Code" button in the Dashboard. Enter new class join-codes in the box.

6.) For future log-ins, make sure to go directly to your class URL (e.g. or search for your class here.

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