One of our teachers is receiving a "Membership Required" message, but is connected to the organization.

*For Admin Pro accounts

If a teacher had a Kidblog account prior to joining your organization, there is a two-step process to fully connect the teacher and their classes to your org.

This "Membership Required" message most likely indicates this teacher's class is not yet connected to the organization. Any classes that were present under the teacher's account prior to joining your organization will need to be connected to your organization. 

To merge these classes into your organization, the teacher should log in and visit the connect link, found at the bottom of your org Classes page (


 The teacher will then be given the opportunity to identify their classes that they want to connect to your organization.

Once connected to your organization (teacher account and pre-existing classes), post/comment capabilities will be restored. If you continue to experience issues, please let us know by emailing us at

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