How do I change my display name and avatar on posts?

Many Kidblog users choose to change their display name and/or avatar throughout their time using Kidblog. This is done from the profile page of the user account. 

While this will change the display name and avatar on all posts moving forward, previously published posts by this user will still use the old display name and avatar. This preserves the history of the post.

If the user wishes to update old posts to show the new display name and avatar, he/she can do so under our bulk editing feature:

1.) Click the "List View" option on the class main page

2.) Select the posts with your old display name and avatar

3.) Click the small "Edit" button at the top of the post list

4.) Check the box that says "Update posts to use current display name and avatar?" 

*Please note: This must be done from within the user account to which the change is being applied. 

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