Connecting with Classrooms

Students are motivated to write with power and passion when they know their words are being heard. Connecting with classrooms provides your students an authentic audience.

Your class is able to share work with Kidblog students in its school, district, or around the world.


Setting Privacy Options

Your connected classrooms are able to view student posts when they are published to either Connections or Public. To allow your students to publish work for these audiences, you will need to set the Post Privacy to include these audiences. 


Following a Class

To add a connection, visit the URL of another Kidblog class. Then, click the "Follow" button to request access to their posts published for Connections. 


A follow request will be sent to the teacher. Once accepted, you and your students will be followers of the class. If the teacher requests to follow you back, your two classes will be connected to one another.



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