Class Setup

Kidblog is designed to be safe and simple for students to use, while providing a full-featured dashboard for teachers. With this power and flexibility comes a certain amount of initial setup to make sure your student blogs are configured to meet your needs and align with your school's technology policies. 

It is easy to get up-and-running with your first class.  To get started: 

  1. Create a class
  2. Set privacy levels
  3. Invite/add students 

1) Create a Class 


  • Classes are created from the Dashboard (after verifying your email)
  • You may create as many classes as you need (e.g. for multiple sections)
  • Clicking the Kidblog "K" at the top-left of any page takes you to your Dashboard
  • You may change the class name and description in Settings
  • After creating your class, make note of the Class URL
  • You and your students will use the Class URL to log in 


2) Set Privacy Levels


  • Navigate to Settings => Privacy 
  • Students have the ability to request a different audience for each published post
  • Select which audiences are available to students 
  • You can require approval before the post is visible to an audience
  • You can also allow audiences to comment on a post and require comment approval


3.) Invite/Add Students


  • Navigate to Settings => Users
  • You may add students to your class by using Join-Codes or adding them manually (do not use both methods - it will result in duplicate accounts)

Using a Join-Code 

Use Join-Codes to: 

  • Add existing Kidblog users to your class
  • Have students use their Google accounts to log in 
  • Avoid assigning temporary passwords for users

To use Join-Codes: 

  • Enable the Student Join-Code
  • Provide the code and your Class URL (e.g. to your students
  • Students click the "Join" button at your class URL
  • After entering the Join-Code the students will be asked to Sign Up
  • If you wish students to log in with a Google account, choose "Sign Up with Google"

If the student already has a Kidblog account, they should: 

  • Log into one of their existing Kidblog classes 
  • Go to your Class URL (e.g.
  • Click the "Join" button 
  • Enter your class Join-Code

Manually Entering Users


Adding students manually is quick and easy.  You may use this method if your students are not using Google login and do not have an existing Kidblog account.  You will need to assign the students temporary passwords. 

You can also add all users at one time by using the "Bulk Upload" link. Simply create a basic "CSV" file with display names and passwords. 

*Please Note - We recommend students using only their first name (and perhaps last initial) when setting up their user account.  This ensures a level of privacy, even when publishing posts and comments publicly. 

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