How can I connect to another class?

You are able to connect to another classroom within your school, district, or even worldwide. This gives the other class' users, both teachers and students, the ability to see and comment on posts published to "Connections" in your class. 

Finding connections

If you are a brand new user, we share a list of active classes with posts published for the audience Public. We encourage you to browse these classes for inspiration, and connect so your students continue to build an authentic audience.

There are two ways to grow your list of suggested connections in Kidblog: Actively publishing for the Public audience and connecting with other Kidblog classes.

Once your students begin publishing in your class, Kidblog will locate classes that are publishing on similar topics and ideas. These classes will appear on your suggested connections list.

Kidblog also takes into consideration second-degree connections. Make a great connection with a class? We will suggest you connect with that class’ existing connections, as well.

Keep in mind, the more your students publish for the Public audience, the more your class will appear on other classes’ Suggested Connections lists.

How to connect

To connect to another class, log in to your Kidblog account. From there, navigate to the class you wish to follow and click "Follow". The accepting teacher will receive a message to accept this follow request via email.

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