How do I add a student to my class?

You may add students to your class by generating a student join-code or by adding them manually. 

By Join-Code:

You may generate a student join-code in the class users page. From there, click on the blue “Join-Code” button in the top right hand corner of the page and click the enable link to generate the student code.

Provide your students with this Join-Code and your class URL, and they will be able to access your class by clicking the blue "Join" button.


*Note: You may use this method if your students are not using Google login and do not have an existing Kidblog account.  

From the users page, click the "Create New Users+" button. Enter the students into you class. You will need to assign the students temporary passwords. 

You can also add all users at one time by using the "Bulk Upload" link. Simply create a basic "CSV" file with display names and passwords.


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