Using different login methods across the organization

*For Admin Pro accounts

A common question we receive when schools or districts use Kidblog across several grade levels is, "Are we able to use Google login for some students, and Kidblog password for others?" Often, schools will not use Google with students until they reach a certain grade level. It is possible to conduct a rollout with both the Kidblog password log in method and Google log in method.

Follow the steps below to rollout some students with passwords, and others with Google:

1.) Select the Kidblog option to proceed with rostering.

2.) For students logging in with Google, ensure their Google email addresses are listed in the "email" column. 

3.) Students that will not log in with Google do not require email addresses under the email column.

4.) All students will be assigned temporary passwords, regardless of log in method. However, the temporary password will only be applicable for students logging in with passwords. 

5.) Once the rollout has been completed, students using Google will click the "Log In with Google" button to log in to their Kidblog accounts. Students using passwords will enter their passwords from the class log in page to access their Kidblog accounts.


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