Your organization dashboard

You can view and manage your organization from your organization dashboard. To access your org dashboard, click the Kidblog "K" in the upper left-hand corner of your account and click into your organization.

General Settings

You can view details for your organization from your organization General Settings page. This page displays the number of active students and you can access your organization Class and Users pages. You may also change your organization avatar, name, and description.

Note: Remember, you may access your Dashboard at anytime by clicking on the "K" in the upper left or from the dropdown menu in the upper right.


User Settings

Users within your organization can be managed from the organization's Users page. You are able to Edit, Remove, Lock, or view the Portfolio of users in your organization. Simply click the link of the action you would like to complete next to the user's display name.

Edit - Edit the display name, email address, or password of a student

Lock - Lock a student's account. This will prevent a student from logging into their Kidblog account.

Portfolio - View the user's individual portfolio. A portfolio is a history of all content published by an individual user across classes and school years.

Remove - Remove a user from the organization. Note - This will only appear for students if they no longer belong to a class in your organization. 




Classes within your organization can be managed from your organization Classes page. You are able to view and edit class Settings, Archive or Restore a previously archived class, or Delete a class from your organization.

Settings - This link will bring you directly to the class settings. Here you can manage class Themes/Sidebar, Users, Privacy, Categories, and Connections.

Archive - To archive a class is to make the class a part of your organization history. All content within the class will remain, but users can no longer add or edit content within the class. A class may be restored after it has been archived. Students in an archived class no longer count towards your organization's student quota.

Delete - Remove the class and class history entirely from the system.


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