What is the enrollments.csv?

Our "Enrollments" file brings all other rostering files together. This is where you will match all users (in your students.csv and teachers.csv) to classes (in the sections.csv).

In the column labeled "section SIS ID," place a class ID (using the same class IDs provided in your sections.csv). In the column labeled "user SIS ID," place the the user ID for the student or teacher in that class. You will need to do this for all class members. 

For example, if Suzy (who has the SIS ID of 455998) is in the class Fifth Grade Architecture (which has the class SIS ID of C10234), you will list C10234 under the "section SIS ID" column and 455998 under the "user SIS ID" column directly next to the class ID.


Please note that both student and teachers need to be listed in your enrollments.csv. This will ensure every class has a teacher and every student is a member within a class. 

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