Webinar: Introducing Blogging to Teachers at Professional Development Events

Fourth grade dual language teacher, Marina Rodriguez, shares an example presentation on Kidblog that can be used at various professional development events including EdCamps and tech conferences.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to introduce teachers to the idea and benefits of blogging in the classroom
  • The four components to preparing 21st century students for a global future and specific examples on how they are implemented in Kidblog
  • A template presentation for sharing Kidblog as a tool with teachers unfamiliar with blogging

Check out Marina’s blog called Hour of Blog, where she writes about her class journey into blogging with Kidblog.

Marina and her students were on their local radio station, KEOS 89.1 FM. Her students shared their experience with blogging on Kidblog and also shared some of their blogs published throughout the year. You can listen to the audio recording here.


You can view the entire blog here.

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