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How do I archive or delete a Kidblog class?

posted this on July 8, 2012, 17:59

Your students have worked hard on their blogs during the school year, so what should the teacher do when it's time for a new batch of bloggers? A Kidblog class can be archived or deleted via the "My Classes" button under the Dashboard tab in your control panel.

We highly recommend archiving your class instead of deleting it. Archiving a class "freezes" its content in time. Students can no longer edit posts or leave comments. (Teachers still have full editing rights.) The class will also be removed from your active navigation menus so it's not in the way of your new blogging efforts.

If you want to hide content from any future visitors, simply set the post visibility to "Teacher only" under the Settings tab in the control panel. 

When you archive a class, you preserve its content for future pedagogical reference as well as a longitudinal portfolio (e.g. time capsule) for students. As such, we think it's the best way to honor the work you've done throughout the year.

If you're sure you want to delete all of your students' blog posts and comments, click "Delete" for the class you would like removed.

Then, when you're ready for your new class to start blogging just click "Create New Class" and set up a pristine class blogging space for the next term.

As always, you can email with any questions about the process.